Ways to See the World From London

Ways to See the World From London

People who live around London really are quite lucky when it comes to the avenues open to them for travel. Not only are they in a first-class city with many incredible sites to see in and around the city, but they are linked to the rest of the world by one of the major travel hubs for airplanes. Anyone looking to take a vacation to North America or Asia can easily take advantage or Heathrow car parking and jet off to various points all over those massive continents. There aren’t many places on the planet that have the same luxuries!

But if you’re just looking for a simple trip that isn’t as far away as those locales, you have many other options that come at various price points, lengths of time and suited to the types of traveler. Take a look below at the different ways you can see the world in no time at all!


By Air

Like what was said earlier, London is one of the major airplane hubs in the world and as such, you can reach practically anywhere on Earth either directly or through an additional connecting flight. For domestic travel though, it’s hard to beat London Stansted and with Stansted parking options, you can drive yourself to the airport and have your car waiting for you when you get back. Even if you’re not looking for Stansted Airport parking, London can get you anywhere you want to in a few short hours (or less!), from Cardiff to Belfast to Edinburgh – all if you choose to fly.


By Land

With all the major motorways intersecting within London, you have no shortage of routes open to you to explore the rest of the UK or to head over to mainland Europe. Various bridges and tunnels (or the Chunnel) make driving the ultimate in personalized, independent travel for those looking to explore more of their own backyard or see what lies out there in the non-anglicized world.

While London isn’t on the ocean, you can even reach different port cities by ferry, taking your car with you while you travel to far off lands or simply enjoy life at sea. It’s quite the accomplishment to take your car just as many places as you have been and that’s entirely possible if you use travel means like ferries and bridges.


By Rail

England has its own rail network but is easily connected to the rest of Europe and within itself so that you really never need to travel by any other means. Getting from London to Istanbul or Stockholm isn’t the fastest by rail, but it is definitely the most scenic and least taxing on your navigation skills. With many rail passes available for purchase, seeing the world at a reasonable rate and even using it for your accommodation at times with sleeper cars, is very easy if you use London as your starting point.

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