Things to do in Stanley Park, Vancouver

Stanley park attracts a full 8 million visitors each year. Fully one of the largest parks inside of a city in the world with more than a 1000 acres and half a million trees Stanley park has options for anyone to do on any particular day. The entire park is enclosed by a 8.8 kilometer long sea wall that park goers walk around the periphery of the park. Cyclists and walkers make mush use of the great lengths of maintained trails. Stanley park has always been immensely popular for tourists and perhaps more importantly for locals. Some of the best things to do in Stanley park include.



Walking, cycling, jogging the Seawall has long been the most popular thing to do in Stanley Park. The sea wall completes a full loop around the circumfrance of the park and boasts wonderful views of the the city, Lions Gate Bridge, and the Northern mountains.


There are three wonderful gardens in park they include Stanley Park Rose Garden, the Ted & Mary Grieg Rhododendron Garden and Prospect point garden, which is also the highest point in the park.

Walking Trails

Stanley Park comes complete with more than 27 kilometers of forest trails that twist through the parks foliage and offer hikers and walkers a more secluded route to engage with the park. These walk ways give an opportunity for park goers to really connect with the nature of the park and soak in some of the Canadian outdoors.
Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver aquarium is the largest of its kind in Canada housing more than 70,000 aquatic creatures. Being housed within Stanley park since 1956 the aquarium has been a world leader in aquatic conservation and offers a variety of educational programs for all ages.

Miniature Train

The miniature train in Stanley Park has become one of its largest attractions carrying passengers through tunnels and over bridges for a ten minute long journey through the forests of Stanley Park. Carrying more than 200,000 passengers each year the train also transforms itself into Ghost train for Halloween and carries passengers through the parks Bright Nights sparkling winter themed event.

Beaches and various water pursuits

The Second and Third Beaches are part of Stanley Park’s southern coastline. Second beach also has a heated fresh water pool that is open Victoria Day to Labour day and a Variety Kids Water Park.

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