Things to avoid doing in Hostel Dorms

There are several things that are just going to piss off your new would be friends sharing that tiny, tiny hostel room. As a continuation, I will detail a few social faux paus that are bound to make you a rather unliked person if you do them in a hostel room.



Well snoring isn’t something you can truly control it is something that will not make you a popular person in a hostel room. Though people often say that they do not know whether they snore or not; one morning in which everyone in the room is giving red eyes, sleepless, death stares at you should probably let you know that yes you are. Perhaps if you are a hardcore snorer buying some Breathe Right Strips could be a good idea. Or maybe you just need to take the bed in the far corner or stuff your face into the pillow to muffle the sound. The bottom line is snorers are not loved in hostel rooms.

Smoking in the Room

I know it is vacation and no one is there to enforce a bunch of rules, but still people don’t want for their things to be doused in cigarette or weed smoke. The room becomes people’s sanctuary, but still if you have the urge to light up at least head outside.


So everyone is on the road traveling and when you meet people out and about in a city the temptation may be there to say let’s just invite them back to the hostel. My new friends in the room are chill, they won’t care.  Don’t! A hostel room is cramped enough without 3 new people sleeping on the floor. Travel is open and supposed to be wild and fun, but a little consideration is necessary. Sleep over connect to the next point on the list.

Party in the Room

A good party in the room can be a blast. There’s a bottle of vodka out and all the new people you just met an hour ago are starting to get buzzed and everybody is having a great time. Great times, now the caveat to this is if it’s just you and your one friend that want to have a party and keep everyone else in the room awake that is probably not a good or a fair idea. Go into the hostel common area. Or even better yet head into town.

Alarm Clocks

Now alarm clocks are a necessary evil otherwise poor backpackers would miss their flights and their trains. Having your alarm clock does not mean however that you are given an unlimited pass to hit snooze again and again like you were back in your bed at home. As everyone else is permanently woken up it is safe to say – they will not like you!

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