Solutions to Travel Frustrations

Solutions to Travel Frustrations

Flying and travel in general can be a little irritating, due to all the waiting and the possibility o things to go wrong. If you’re prone to focus on the negatives, it’s very easy to become bitter and jaded around the whole experience from the moment you head to the airport to after you drop your car off (if you’re flying out of London) at Heathrow parking. I would like to say I’m eternally optimistic about flying, but even I get a little annoyed by some parts of it.

Fortunately, there are remedies to these frustrations that I have found over the years, and I will share them with you to hopefully make you as cautiously optimistic as I try to be!


Frustration: Getting to the Airport

Solution: Plan According to your Needs

Until we have teleportation down (which would eliminate the need to fly!), you have to get to the airport somehow. Many people take a train or a shuttle, but unless it’s picking you up from your house, you still have to get to some point that then takes you to the airport. Personally, I prefer airport parking because it lets me unwind and go at my own pace on the way there and the way back. I know my car will be waiting for me when I get back and I don’t have to deal with other travellers on my way to the airport. Airport parking = more me time… and I really value my me time!


Frustration: Annoying Dining Situation

Solution: Use it As a Reward

I love food but the fact that brining some of it from home is often not allowed means I often have to purchase costly airport food – which can sometimes be terrible. What I try to do is fly out of an airport that I know has decent dining options and where I can grab something for the plane as well. I try to avoid buying anything in the air as they REALLY have you cornered with no other options and only the desperate or poorly organized buy on a plane.

Some restaurants of high repute have locations in airports all over the world and you can really enjoy some first class cuisine before you even take of. Everything from casual bar food to fine dining can be had if you know where to look. I don’t always indulge, but sometimes I use it as a reward for myself once I get to the airport, so I have something to look forward to. When I’m dreading a trip, it can really do a lot to improve the situation!


Frustration: Travel Delays

Solution: Find Ways to Entertain Yourself

Delayed flights are just a reality of flying – sure, delays can happen in almost any other form of travel but they seem to plague air travel the most, and it’s not surprising why (after all, you do want to actually GET to your destination safely, right?). It’s easy to lose your mind after you flight is delayed a few times and nobody who works for the airline seems to know or care – but resist taking out your anger on the staff – save that for later when you place a call to customer service!

So to pass the time and keep myself from turning into a giant rage-ball, I do a number of things. One such thing is I walk around and see just how big the place is (which is great if you’ve never really been to that airport before). I may venture into a store and buy a magazine or something to read and soak up all that extra time. Failing this, or if the delay goes longer, I watch the departure screen and if I’m traveling with someone, we make bets about which plane is going to take off/arrive first, with the loser having to buy drinks or something similar once we arrive. If after all this I’m still not on the plane… then I get cranky. Or sleepy… sometimes it just can’t be helped!


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