New York’s Most Unique Restaurants

The dining choices in New York City can be overwhelming. You could dine at one of the world’s finest restaurants, with a plethora of Michelin-starred establishments and celebrity chefs. Or you could seek out those little hole-in-the-wall gems for an authentic taste of the five boroughs. If you are in the mood for something completely different, check out this list of New York’s most unique restaurants and enjoy a dining experience that only New York can offer.


Brooklyn Fare: Perhaps the most unassuming fine dining establishment in the city, Brooklyn Fare is off the beaten track (to say the least). Located in one of the city’s less desirable neighbourhoods, and accessible only through a grocery store, diner’s may not realize that a seat at the 18-stool chef’s counter is one of the most sought-after reservations in New York. Brooklyn Fare has the distinction of being the only three Michelin star restaurant in New York that is not located in Manhattan. The chef prepares a twenty course tasting menu based on his choice of ingredients and preparation, inspired by Japanese cooking. If you are fortunate enough to get a reservation, don’t forget to bring your own bottle of wine – the restaurant does not have its own liquor license.

Ninja New York: For a dining experience like no other, enter Ninja New York and be led down a secret pathway to the underground dining room, but be prepared to dodge ninjas on your way! This restaurant is not for the faint of heart, as you will navigate shadowy corridors and enjoy a meal served by ninja waiters who perform tricks and set fire to your meal. As you might expect, this is a Japanese fusion menu.

Duvet: If you love breakfast in bed, Duvet might be the place for you. Enter a dining room arranged with 30 customized dining beds, designed to allow diners to recline in comfort while enjoying choices from the modern American menu. The atmosphere is gauzy and sexy (hence the name “dining boudoir” and you can even rent private dining bedrooms for private parties.

Mars 2112: New York’s Times Square is the top tourist destination, so get caught up in their delicious tourist trap. Enjoy Martian cuisine in this hot, dry, red environment where you will be escorted to your table in the Crystal Crater by friendly Martians. There is a two dollar admission for this attraction/restaurant, but there are balloons for the kids and when you exit through double doors, you will find yourself in a futuristic machine that will “teleport” you back to ground level.

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