Meals only found in Austin, Texas

Sometimes when you look around you just hear about health food this, lower your cholesterol, eat more vegetable… blah, blah, blah… The time comes when a person just wants to eat good old fashioned dirty food. Is it going to make you live till 100 year old, probably not, buts it going to fill your stomach as well as the toilet bowl later. A city that has all shades with the artistic hipsters on one end and the honky tonk Texans on the other is the perfect locale to find some of the dirtiest meals that will make you blush as you order them.


Baingan Bartha at Graj Mahal
Forget the Taj Mahal the Grah Mahal has brought some Indian love to Austin with its varied menu. You might wince a little however as you order the Baingan Bartha which is a spicey eggplant dish. Perhaps its the name that goes low brow as the actual food is pretty good and comes with a little naan bread send it

Red Velvet Cakeball at Holy Cacao
Nothing more to say then this is cake on a lolly pop stick. Basically its some cookie dough’esque’ batter balled together cooked a little on a stick then dipped into some cake icing till its dripping off. All the cake balls are good, but the Red Velvet divine is recommended.

Mother Clucker at Gourdoughs
Gourdoughs has taken chicken in another direction all together… perhaps one that was best left in someones warped imagination rather than on the plate. This donut places signature donut is the Mother Clucker which is a pipping hot donut topped with spicey fried chicken and honey butter. Boom – now that is a little sweet and sour coming at you. Not to mention more than a few calories.

Pork Belly Slider at Old Duck Farm to Trailer
Austin truly is a diverse city when you have greasy spoons like Old Duck Farm to Trailer proclaiming their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and using the entire animal. Truth be known, there are a few parts of the animal that perhaps would have been best sent to the bin. One such example is making Pork Belly Sliders which basically in the end becomes kind of like a smallish, hamburger looking thing…

Poor Qui’s Buns at East Side King
Perhaps a burger won’t do after a big binge on the Grey Goose. Change it up with a hot steamed bun filled with pork, or what every other dirty little meat you choose for it, down here at Poor Qui’s Buns.

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