Five Things to do in Edinburgh

So you’ve decided it is time to walk amongst the Scots in the jewel of their nation Edinburgh. Wise choice, as there are few places as beautiful. Filled with history and fun any trip to the United Kingdom would be sadly incomplete without a journey up to the North. Every bit as cosmopolitan as London Edinburgh has diversion for any type of person. The below listing offers but a small smattering of things one could do.


The Edinburgh Festival
If at all possible, it is suggested to visit Edinburgh in August for their month long festival to the arts. In reality this isn’t one festival, but rather an amalgamation of festivals together. There are festivals for film, books, jazz, art, and comedy all running concurrently alongside the world famous Fringe theatre festival. With venues dotting the city over and performances for any taste in art and theatre a cultural experience is all but promised for everyone.

Climb Arthur’s Seat
Arthur’s seat is the tallest of Edinburgh’s seven hills and an extinct volcano to boot. Providing a majestic view over the city as well as an enjoyable hiking experience this is a great way to spend a few hours once the delights of the city have worn thin. Along the route to the summit information is provided as how geologically Arthur’s Seat was formed.

Edinburgh Castle
Truly a post card, Edinburgh castle looks over the city on the edge of a cliff. Take a look at the castle from the outside and inside. A perfect view of it can be found in the park below – the Princess Street Gardens. Pay the price of admission and go inside, to learn about the royal ascendancy of Scotland and the different kings and lords that have ruled the highlands. At 1 pm each day, except Sunday, a field gun shoots one shell to mark the time.

Take an After Dark Tour
Edinburgh’s grey, gothic architecture and twisting streets and alleys creates a spooky feeling. Tour companies have appeared to showcase the city’s creepy past. Walking tours include Mercat Walking Tours and City of the Dead Tours. There are also tours for exploring the crypts that descend below the city where rumour has it many people during Edinburgh various plaques were locked inside to die.

Just Get Lost in the Streets
Wandering into Edinburgh’s old town along the Royal Mile, or walking along Princess Street, or into the Cow gate will give visitors of this city the experience they want. As much, and perhaps more so, then other cities in Europe Edinburgh is best appreciated on the ground looking at the architecture and people watching the eclectic mix of Scots and non Scots that make up the capital city.

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