Establishing yourself in a New City as a Traveler

Perhaps if you are reading this you are considering uprooting your life and taking a working holiday visa in another country. Kudos – it’s an exciting decision, but of course with anything new there are difficulties as well. This blog is going to see a traveler with experience having done this – four times actually – give a little bit of advice how to make the transition as easy as possible.


If it’s your first time going to live abroad and you have some money saved there is no panic once you arrive. A lot of travelers actually take a look around first in the country they have chosen in order to see where they might like to lay down a more permanent base of operations. Fast forwarding, we’ll pretend that you have made that choice of city and you want to move from being on the fringes of said city right into its beating heart! Okay, I’m being dramatic, maybe just feeling a little more connected to it while suffice.

First things first, you need to find a place to live. Personally, I would suggest a hostel – at least at first. Find one that offers long term rates so you can get a discount by the week. You may be asking why choose a hostel? This is why – if you move to a new place you won’t know anyone, so the hostel will let you meet liked minded people in a similar situation. Also, it will be a great way to eventually choose the people that you would like to move into a shared apartment with rather just tempting fate with strangers.

The next step after you have yourself in a hostel is to find a job. Now depending on your previous work experience I have noticed three main ways to do this. First, start hitting the bars and restaurants in the area. If you are in a country that speaks English and you have an accent it will give you an edge being chosen to be a server or bartender. Second, hit the temporary agencies and start looking for office temp work. Thirdly, if you have construction experience ask around in the hostel who else is on a building site and ask for a trial. Ply all three of these tactics at once if need be and something should materialize.

Now with your job found, you can begin to consider that next step living wise to relocate to an apartment. Or perhaps, you’ll just work for a little while and do the same thing you’ve just done here in another city. That’s the joy of traveling, you are the boss and you do what you want. Bask in this freedom… and enjoy!

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