Disney and the Dining

Disney and the Dining

There is more to Disney than just amusement park rides and its appeal isn’t just for kids. This is the common perception of the place for those who have never visited it as kids or young adults with their enthusiastic parents – they think it has nothing for older travellers. Part of this is true and much of the enjoyment factor of Disney theme parks for adults is in nostalgia, but it also lies in the notion that there is a kid in all of us and that many of Disney’s attractions are great for all ages – particularly its food.

For anyone looking to have great food and be entertained, Disney World is a great place to start. Indeed, even if you have no desire to see the park, you can make reservations at any one of the great restaurants after you’ve done something else all day. While it’s advised that you get Disney World tickets and take in the atmosphere of the parks, it is by no means a requirement. Have a look below at the various attractions and the dining opportunities available.


Magic Kingdom

Truly the best place to bring out the kid in anyone is the home of Cinderella’s castle and all the famous Disney characters. Divided up into multiple ‘lands’ you can wander around to your hearts content or head for the rides you know to be the most popular, such as Space, Thunder and Splash Mountain (3 rides), Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. Dinning at the Magic Kingdom can range from grabbing a turkey leg and eating it on a bench or making a reservation at a sit down place for a meal that may feature Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse. Although definitely more for the kids, Magic Kingdom can make even the most jaded hipster smile.



The home to technology and learning about the world around us, Epcot is really two parks in one and as such, really needs two days to fully explore. For adults, this is usually the most enjoyable part of the Disney World, as it is less ‘kiddie’ and has fewer children running around – but it’s still a great place for people of all ages. If you want a sublime dining experience, make reservations at any one of the fabulous country pavilions. Looking for a rowdy good time? The German Oktoberfest is always fun. Romanic dinner for two? Check out the French or Italian areas. Want something breathtaking and entirely tranquil? The Mexican pavilion offers a fantastic experience that is entirely inside an Aztec temple. Best of all? The pavilions serve genuine cuisine from each of the nations, prepared by people from those countries who come over to specifically work for a period in the park.


Hollywood Studios

Renamed from MGM Studios, this park is home to movie memorabilia over the years and like Epcot, has a more adult feel to it compared to Magic Kingdom. Hop aboard the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror for a great experience and thrill, or go on a backlot studio tour to see what it looks like to make a movie. Dining options in the park usually revolve around specific film themes, so you can expect to see something right out of a movie with many of the waiters and staff in great costumes and in character.

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