Destinations on the Rise

Every traveler wants to catch on to places before they get to heavily touristy, but places that still have enough tourism infrastructure to have a good time. The truth is, if there is only one hotel to choose from, and no one speaks English you might not have as much fun as you think. The following list is going to detail a few spots that are on the rise, with this the end of 2012. Places that would be a great idea to book a trip to now or in the near future.

Mar del Plata – Argentina
Formerly the playground of Argentina’s elite Mar del Plata has become a travel destination for travelers in all budget categories. With ten miles of beautiful beach, it’s easy to see why Argentineans have been flocking here for years and you can too with Expedia Mar del Plata. Away from the beaches be sure to explore Museo Munincipal de Arte Juan C Castagnino and eat fresh fish down at the port. Mar de Plata is a great place to visit year round.


Sao Paulo, Brazil
The largest city in South America Sao Paulo befittingly has a ranging multinational art scene and wonderfully diverse culinary culture. The Jardin district serves every kind of food imaginable to diners around the world. Add on top of that world class museums, amazing shopping, and diverse and vibrant neighborhood tours and you can see why this is a destination on the rise.

Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev is a city that is dripping with history and culture. The residence are survivors having been able to persevere through invasions by the Mongol Empire, WW2, Soviet rule, and Chernobyl. Not surprisingly with that past there is much to see culturally. Take the time to visit World Heritage Sites the Monetary of the Caves founded in 1015 and Saint Sophia Cathedral founded in 1037. Beyond these two locations the city is filled with museums, ancient ruins, and other religious sites.

Perth, Australia
Being one of the world’s most isolated cities doesn’t mean that Perth doesn’t have great night life and fantastic beach culture. Unique to other places Perth has Ocean, desert, and beach all in its near vicinity. Check out unique Australian animals with a trip to Rottnest Island and be sure to check out the views of the city at King’s park and the Botanical Gardens.

Moscow, Russia
Ancient and modern exist side by side in Moscow the epicentre of Russian science, politics, history, and architecture. As we all know Moscow has a storied and at times checkered past. Be sure to explore it by looking at Red Square, the Kremelin, St Basils’s catedrial, the KGB Museum, and Lenin’s Mausoleum. If that gets to heavy lighten it up by doing some people watching in Pushkin square and shopping on the Boulevard Ring.

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