About Us

Welcome to Tasty Bloggers!

This is the site dedicated to the art of food, drink and travel… and everything in between. With food culture exploding in recent years and previously local dishes becoming worldwide favourites, it’s fair to say that food travel has never been hotter. Oh, and drinking is always popular – one might say maybe a little too popular. Who would say such a thing? Well, nobody we know, that’s for sure!
Tasty Bloggers was started by a group of interesting and colourful individuals who realized over a delicious meal one evening that there was a lot to say on this topic and being the opinionated and articulate travellers that they are, set to work making this site a reality. The only problem was, they weren’t that well organized… so it took a few months and a few more meals and drinks (many) to get it off the ground. The result is a site covering a wide range of travel/culinary topics that never gets boring! Hooray for us!


In the end, it’s all about the travel and the food/drink. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the shadiest hostel or the swankiest resort – there can be great food almost anywhere in the world. We want you to experience your world through taste and taste through your world, making the most of your travels – even if at times that means going to the international section of your local grocery store (hey, times can be tough – we get that!). We’ll talk about great destinations to give you ideas of places to go and ways to travel that make the experience easier so the eating, drinking and being merry part can go down as smooth as it deserves to.

Hope you like the site and drop us a line if you get the chance!

– The Tasty Bloggers Team -