A Wedding in Slovenia

In the summer of 2011 I went to my first ever Slovenian wedding. Certainly this was a magic event that was made ever the more special by being held in such a magnificent back drop as Lake Bled, which is one of Slovenia’s well hidden and most amazing quaint treasures. Before the wedding as well, I was able to spend a week in Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia and had the chance to discover why this is one of the best kept little secrets in Europe.


Ljubljana is a city with a population around 300,000. What gives the city its charm is the lovely old town complete with the little streets, fantastic squares, and surprisingly cosmopolitan cafes and bars. The week before the wedding I learned the city with the groom – an old New Zealand friend, who actually was my first ever travel friend – and the bride – a lovely Slovenian girl, who also coincidentally I had met ten years earlier in the same hostel I met the groom. They had hooked up ten years previous in Brighton, England and ten year – and many partners later for each – there they were getting married. I guess backpacking romances do work out sometimes. What made the week extra special too was meeting all of the bride’s cool friends, many of whom had lived abroad, and all of whom spoke English well. They showed me sides of the city I would have never seen otherwise.

Lake Bled, the location of the actual wedding itself, is iconic in Slovenia for the tiny island that sits in the middle of the lake with a church built upon it. My friend’s wedding took place inside Lake Bled castle which was built in nearby ranging hills and looked down upon the lake. Dare I say, a more regal and lovely setting would be impossible for a wedding. After the ceremony a reception was held outdoors where an interesting tradition was carried out. The lord of the castle used a sword to shear off the corks of bottles of champagne. After a lovely meal the DJ spun a variety of fantastic funk records that had everyone dancing all night long…

Showing their unique Slovenian sense of fun the bride after the reception threw on jeans and we all went down to the wild little Bohemian party spot in the Ljubljana known as Mektelkova. Mektelkova is housed on a former military base and is known for late night activity, but also art and culture, it’s a wild place adorned everywhere with creative graffiti and make shift bars and galleries. I sat there partying the night away with the bride and groom and all their friends till the wee hours of the morning when the sun showed its face. Now that was what I called a wedding…

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