A Few different Dive Bars in Austin

You know sometimes people have no interest in throwing on a collared shirt, heels, or those goofy dress shoes guys have to wear out in chic, pretentious bars. Sometimes, you want to wear your T-shirt, maybe even the one with a little stain on it, and jeans and go to a place where the swill is cheap and the talk in the bar is loud. It is an amazing thing – if bar owners don’t spend their money on ornate decorations around the bar they can charge way less for drinks. This is an essential element for a good dive bar. A couple of the best for cheap and cheerful in Austin are.


Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon – 5434 Burnet Rd
One of the amazing things about Texas is the concept of the set-up bar, a place where it is legal to bring in your own liquor. If you bring in your own bottle all you’ll have to do is pay for a few mixers and you are on your way to getting REALLY trashed. With that value, you may eventually lose your dinner in the toilet, but you won’t lose every red cent in your wallet. Come on down, and this is no joke, for chicken sh*t bingo on Sunday. This is an event in which locals bet where a chicken will take a dump on a squared playing surface.

C-Hunt’s Icehouse – 9611 McNeil Rd
Located on Burnet Road, a kind of Mecca of dive bars, is C Hunt’s Icehouse. Again you can bring your own liquor inside or on to the massive outdoor patio. Perhaps this is the place to try a Lonestar, the beer of Texas, for just a single dollar. Get a few of those going and the dreadful interior in here and the owners even worse jokes will start seeming a lot better.

Giddy-Ups – 12010 Manchaca Rd
A good old fashioned Texas red neck bar located in the south side of the city. You know when licence plates from different places are used as the central decoration theme that you are most certainly in a dive bar. Again, bring your own liquor and come in here to check out some decent live music.

Horseshoe Lounge – 2034 S Lamar
Smoking indoors is illegal in the US… nope it is legal as long as you’re in the Horseshoe Lounge. This is a bar that blares out country music and fills the drinking needs of various truckers and factory workers. Bring in a cheeky hip flask as this place again is bring your own liquor.

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