3 Must Visit Restaurants in Madrid

3 Must Visit Restaurants in Madrid

Madrid is not only known for its numerous tourist attractions, but also for the luxurious restaurants that it offers. This is the reason as to why it is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Spain. It’s high time you experienced the best dining options in lovely Madrid, so go ahead and book your sun holidays with Thomson today and make sure to drop by some of its finest restaurants.

The following are the 3 must visit restaurants that should be in your priority list as you plan to go to Madrid, Spain:

1. Restaurant A Dos Velas

Restaurant A Dos Velas is far from being conventional. It is not only located at a very convenient place in Madrid city, but it also boasts of very hospitable members of staff who are always ready to make you feel at home by giving you wonderful services. It has large wonderfully designed dining area with exposed brick, air conditioning units, and soft lighting, allowing you to enjoy your meals with comfort.

Restaurant A Dos offers traditional Mediterranean cuisine fused with either Argentinean and or Indian flavours. The chefs pay much attention to traditional cuisine rather than latest cooking trends. Some of the best foods offered by Restaurant A Dos Velas include salmorejo and shrimp croquettes, Argentinean calf sirloin steak, Indian chicken (pieces of chicken cubes marinated in thick yoghurt and served with cream sauce, cashew nuts, butter, and basmati rice), and pickled quail.

2. Nagoya Restaurant

Nagoya Restaurant has been alive and vibrant for more than 10 years. It is one of the most outstanding Japanese restaurants in Madrid. Located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this restaurant allows you to enjoy high quality and sumptuous meals in a very warm atmosphere. Its interior decoration, furnishings, and lighting give you the perfect picture of a Japanese setting.

Nagoya Restaurant not only offers very friendly and fast services, but it also offers delightful Mediterranean cuisine fused with traditional Japanese dishes served in generous amounts. Some of the best dishes found in this restaurant include the tempura, sashimi, kama yaki soba (duck cooked and served with noodles and teriyaki sauce), and sushi. It is a good restaurant to visit with your family.

3. Merceiras Restaurant

Merceiras Restaurant is arguably one of the most traditional restaurants in Madrid. It is found in a very handy location and comprises of attractive wooden tables, tiled walls, and a well-ventilated dining area. It also has very friendly members of staff who are committed to giving the best services to clients.

Merceiras Restaurant is known to offer the best of local Madrid cuisine. In this restaurant, they offer superb raciones fused with Galacian tapas. The Galacian tapas is a combination of octopus, padrón peppers, salad, home-made emapanada, mushrooms with ham, chorizo criollo, tiger mussels, cheese, and steamed cockles. They also offer sea rice during lunch hours, red (mencías) and white (albariño) Galacian wines. Due to its excellent services, this restaurant is usually full during most parts of the day. Therefore, make sure that you get there early enough to get a table.

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